Creating An Empire

This website is dedicated to discussing topics on how to setup, operate, and expand a virtual company. While much of the content will touch on ways to make money, the overall scope of this website is to take the discussion further. While I am certainly interested in making money, I feel it is also important to dive into other topics related to actually operating a virtual company. This would include topics such as; alternative financing methods, recruiting employees, operating a virtual working environment, maintaining contacts, and managing digital reputations.

Why am I interested in such topics? Because I want to create something more than just a “get rich quick” scheme. I want to build something that creates reliable, predictable income. I want to create a digital empire.

So then, what is a “digital empire”? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of way to make money online. I want to create a company that takes a focused approach at deploying campaigns to make money online. This company will set definable criteria for evaluating opportunities. The execution of these opportunities will create a portfolio of digital assets. The accumulation of digital assets into a manageable portfolio is the cornerstone of the business philosophy.

To make something an empire it takes more than just the accumulation of assets. I also want to leverage the power of human capital by employing others. This takes planning to establish how they will work, what they will work on, and the return of their work against my investment. Above all, it takes definable processes to make the company run. I seek to understand, establish, and record these processes into a plan I can execute against. This will be my business plan, and this blog will become the building blocks of that plan.